Embracing Grace: Are Your Robes Washed Clean?

A 365 Day Devotional Journal

Day 48 

Scripture: Revelation 21-22; Isaiah 29.

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Years ago, when I was single, I discovered a name in the Bible for the city of Jerusalem, also called the City of David. So impressed was I by the name that I tucked it away, intending one day to use it for my first born. Time went by, and lo and behold, I fell in love and married, but I never forgot that name, for I’d written it on my heart.

The name was Ariel, which means “Lion of God.” I thought it was an awesome name, too, until that blockbuster cartoon movie came out whose leading female star bore the same name. I can remember that day, storming out of the theater with our friends, another young married couple, ranting and raving about how Hollywood had “stolen” my name, and how now every Tom, Dick, and Harriet would be naming their daughters Ariel.

They were amused by my tantrum, btw.

Sure enough, Ariel became an extremely popular name for little girls in the years to follow. So it was with great disappointment that I abandoned the idea of ever using the name for our children. The sudden popularity of and association to the cartoon had in my mind sullied the special and unique quality of the word, Ariel. God not only is good but He is kind, for as it turns out, He led me to an even better name for our first born.

But all those years ago, God also gave me a prophetic song, a song about the City of David, the city He calls Ariel

Ariel, Ariel, the city where David once camped.
Jerusalem, the Lion of God!
      And you, lost children,
      Are you prepared?
      Are you prepared to be left behind when Christ returns?
      I give you my hand, come, take hold
      And meet the Savior of your soul!
      Are you ready to meet the Great White Throne of Judgment?
Holy City, coming down from out of heaven,
The Bride, the wife of the Lamb. Jerusalem, the Glory of God!
       And you, spiritual Hebrews,
       Are your robes washed clean?
       Are your robes washed clean by the faithful deeds of righteousness?
       Is your lamp full of oil, your heart warm and clear,
       Lit by God’s cleansing Light?
       Are you ready to enter by the Gate into Jerusalem?
Bride of Christ,
We’ll enter by the Gates into the Holy City,
With our robes washed clean and white as linen,
The name of God upon our faces.
As His bond-servants, we shall serve Him,
And we shall see His face.1

Read: Revelation 21-22; Isaiah 29. Journal your private thoughts.

Father God, purge me with hyssop and make me clean. Bring your winnowing fan into my soul, and by your Spirit blow out all in me that is not of You. Make my robe clean and white as linen. For the sake of Jesus’ sacrifice, purify me for Your kingdom, amen.


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