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Érin embraces the simple life.

She fell in love and married, and then traveled the continental U.S. with her husband and growing family.

Longtime veteran of the home school movement, she will readily admit that home education is not for the fainthearted. Sometimes grueling but always rewarding, the privilege of  witnessing young children blossom into mature adults is an experience like none other.

Today, Érin makes her home in the Rocky Mountains with her husband, children, and two dogs. She has a bachelor’s degree in music and when not writing, she enjoys singing, walking her dogs, hiking, photography, creative arts, and all things beautiful.

At the beginning of this journey, Érin was often asked “Why are you writing now?” Her quick answer was that it started with helping her then high schooler struggle through a creative writing assignment, which is true. But it was more than this. It simply was the right time to write. 

Seeds of influence go back in time to the days of childhood, to avid reading and detailed pencil sketches, to the windswept plains of Wyoming and the dreams of a young girl riding bareback across the high plateau, with no one for company but her horse and her God.

In her own words…

“Inspiration comes in many packages, but there is something powerful about being thrust into different cultures when you are young. It changes you. It changed me and shaped who I am today.

“I met Jesus at the age of twelve in the small room of a Quonset hut, temporary quarters for military families transferring to the country of Turkey. No one led me to Him. He came to me and invaded that room and my heart with His Presence. I will never be the same again.

“Much of what we read in the New Testament took place in modern-day Turkey. I visited the seven churches John wrote letters to in the book of Revelation. These churches were not just seven groups of believers who gathered together. They were the foundation upon which the early church spread throughout the known world.

“I explored the avenues in Ephesus, where John was said to have taken Mary to live after Jesus rose. Paul spent three years there preaching. I walked the streets of Nicaea (modern day Iznik) and ate lamb where the Nicene Creed was penned. And I visited Antioch, the base for Paul’s missionary journeys where those who followed Jesus were first called ‘Christians,’ in Acts 11:26. Those early believers carved over 3,000 cave churches from the tufa rock in the Ihlara Valley. Many of them contain intricate, richly decorated frescoes.

“These are but a few of the sites I visited, but perhaps you can see the drive behind what I write. It is one thing to say you believe in God. It is quite another to step into history and see His Word unfold before you. These experiences unveiled my eyes to the world. They opened my ears to hear His voice.

“God never changes. Just as Jesus tarried at the well and spoke life to one woman, He will do the same for you. He reveals Himself to those who hunger and thirst for living water, to those who are willing to press in and seek Him with all of their heart. Be willing to wait for Him beyond the measure of your patience. That woman most certainly did. She was a culturally despised Samaritan who had been married five times and was living with an unmarried sixth, yet Jesus halted His journey when He heard her heart cry.

God may appear in a dream or daytime vision. He may send an angel in disguise, perhaps with a word of encouragement, or to help in an hour of need but always confirming His Word. He may open eyes to see in the spirit realm. When He made His presence so tangible that I saw His anointing clothe a man in a garment with a long train like is mentioned in Isaiah 6:1, and when I felt Him as I do human touch, it made me realize something.

“If we who are followers of the Biblical Jesus do not give to this post-Christian world an answer for the hope that lives within us, then who will? We are His chosen voice to this generation. The world is dying for a Savior. They just don’t realize He’s already here, living in you and in me.”

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